Feeling stressed, anxious, or nervous about the results of the general elections? You’re not alone! Regardless of views or political affiliations,  the 2020 presidential election has caused major stress in more than two-thirds of adult lives (Source). For some, the stress and anxiety are greater than others.

Although election stress can be intense, there are various ways to cope:

1.       Avoid Dwelling on things you can’t control. Break the habit of ruminating on negative outcomes. While some are better than others at doing so, it’s important to not continue thinking on the hypothetical “possible negative outcomes.”

2.       Focus on what you can control. Limit media exposure (including TV, print, or social media)

3.       Engage in meaningful activities. Rather than fixating on news coverage, an activity you enjoy may help in handling stress. You could get involved in issues that are meaningful and engaging in the community.

4.       Stay socially connected while socially distanced. Find creative ways to connect and discuss with others how you are feeling, while keeping COVID-19 in mind. Make sure to wear a mask if seeing friends/family in person or set up a call!

5.       Stay active. A workout doesn’t have to necessarily mean lifting a dumbbell—spend a few minutes active each day by taking a walk, doing an at-home workout, and getting creative!

6.       Connect to the help you need. For some, talking to a trusted family member of friend helps. For others, you may want to talk to a mental health professional (although, this helps everyone!). To find a mental health professional, consider mentalhealthmatch.com or Psychology Today.

7.       Take a mental health screening. Not sure what you are feeling? Consider taking a mental health screening. The screening can be a good way to start conversations around mental health, do a pulse check, and take care of yourself.