IHCI Trainings

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For more information about any of our IHCI trainings, please contact Kara Hill, Director, Integrated Health Care Initiative. 

Understanding Integrated Care Part 1

This training is created for those who want to learn more about the basics of Integrated Health Care. We will be covering the definition and key models of the field, including the four quadrant model and best practice models as well.

Understanding Integrated Care Part 2

In continuation of UIC1, we will be reviewing its main highlights and then going onward to understand different levels of integrated care. The audience will learn next steps to expand integrated care in their own work environments.

How To Pay For Integrated In a Fee For Service Environment

After learning the basic foundation of integrated care, now the focus will be on how to be paid for providing it in practice. We will be identifying codes based on the previously learned models, ways to reimburse your organization based on knowledge of the rules, and further tools and resources to help with billing and coding.