Public School Mental Health Task Force

During the 86th legislative session, Mental Health America of Greater Houston’s legislative efforts supporting HB 906, authored by Representative Senfronia Thompson, created the Collaborative Task Force on Public School Mental Health Services. On the Task Force is Rebecca Fowler, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs at Mental Health America of Greater Houston. The Task Force is charged with studying and evaluating mental health services that are funded by the state and provided at a school district or open-enrollment charter school directly to a student, parent or family member or employee.  The Task Force is also directed to study training provided to an educator and the impact of the mental health training and services.


2020: Year 1 Report

2023: Year 3 Report (link PDF to website)

Texas Coalition for Healthy Minds

TCHM member organizations are actively involved in many areas of behavioral health; we are focused on eliminating the stigma surrounding the various diagnoses of mental illness and substance use disorders, working to achieve parity for treatment and insurance, and creating equal access to the continuum of care. We believe Texas should have a fair and compassionate criminal justice system, and develop housing options for people with mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

As a coalition, we remain current and active in monitoring and advancing policies that strengthen the behavioral health system. As practitioners, consumers, advocates, and experts in the field we work to advance science based and reseacrh informed policy. With more than 30 organizations involved in our work, we develop a consensus agenda through four policy workgroups, and an active legislative committee.

Mental Health America of Greater Houston is a proud member of the Texas Coalition for Healthy Minds.

To be added to our mailing list or to join the Advocacy Task Force,  please email Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Rebecca Fowler at

Advocacy Task Force

Advocacy Task Force

MHA of Greater Houston’s Public Policy team advocates for mental health related legislation and programs on a local, state and federal level with an emphasis on children’s behavioral health. If you would like to be connected to our work to learn what we are we working on and how you can engage your legislators, sign up for our Advocacy Task Force! We will send you updates on our work and action alerts when there are opportunities to support our advocacy efforts.

To be added to our mailing list or to join the Advocacy Task Force, please email Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Rebecca Fowler at