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2022 Annual Conference

The Annual CSBH School Mental Health Conference will be held on August 20, 2022 at the Region 4 Education Center. This is a full-day professional development opportunity with some of the most innovative approaches around education and mental health for participants.

The 2022 theme is Beyond a Theory: Healing and Transformation in the Education System.

Topics include: Educational equity, family engagement, successful community partnerships, and trauma-informed practices

Since 2012, the Center for School Behavioral Health (Center) at Mental Health America (MHA) of Greater Houston has been contributing to the overall well-being of school-age children in our region. As the backbone entity in these collective efforts, the agency helps enhance, through an equity lens, conditions for school districts and child-serving organizations to create trauma-informed environments and implement prevention and early intervention services, helping create a continuum of care for children and families. The Center helps create the conditions to implement best practices in school campuses that are aligned with the multi-tier systems of support. We train school personnel on trauma-informed classroom management, and we advocate for school policies that disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline such as the implementation of restorative practices and social-emotional learning. The Center’s six complementary components include the School Behavioral Health Collaborative, Professional Development, Best Practice Incubator, the Stigma Reduction Initiative, the School Behavioral Health Annual Conference, and Advocacy & Policy Analysis.

Most individuals engaged in the work of the Center are child-serving individuals working in various capacities such as campus and district administrators, counselors/therapists, educators, nurses, campus resource personnel, and youth/case workers. The Center’s work also engages parents, relatives, and youth, as well as elected and public officials, including school board members, legislators, and Texas Education Agency (TEA) personnel. Additionally, the Center team works actively with TEA officials and legislators to ensure that children’s mental health is central to student wellbeing across the state of Texas.

The Center’s School Behavioral Health Conference focuses on behavioral health interventions and outcomes for children in school settings to advance the knowledge and skills related to school mental health practice, research, training, and policy.

Who Attends

We anticipate the conference to sell out at 500 attendees.

“I will incorporate School-wide SEL practices with Character Strong, help build resiliency among students and staff, and continue to support the mental health and overall well-being of students and staff.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and discussions. It is refreshing to come together with professionals who are willing to talk about the topics so many tiptoe around.”

“Being mindful of students’ experience, life story, and background when working with them.”

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