Behavioral Health Navigation Services

Program Overview

In the Fall of 2024, Mental Health America of Greater Houston will unveil Behavioral Health Navigation Services, a multi-tiered initiative that will increase individuals’ and families’ access to behavioral health (mental health and substance use) services and supports through online resources, live referrals, and personalized navigation. The program will target individuals in Harris and Fort Bend counties and connect them to a full spectrum of services, ranging from preventive measures to crisis care. The tiers of service include:

  •  An online repository of nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, breathing, etc. tips and resources that can help individuals progress in their wellness journey.
  •  An intuitive, interactive, online portal that harnesses the power of AI to virtually navigate people to behavioral health services customized to meet their specific needs.
  •  A helpline accessible via phone, text or chat that will provide community referrals and tips on how people can advocate for themselves and/or loved ones.
  • Personalized navigation by a culturally and linguistically responsive navigator with lived experience who helps connect people to resources and remove barriers to care.

If you are a behavioral health provider in Greater Houston, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Mental Health America of Greater Houston is curating a searchable database of behavioral health resources that will be accessed by thousands of people annually.

If you are a governmental, non-profit, or for-profit behavioral health treatment provider in Texas, please complete a profile form to be included in our database.

Solo Practitioners/Individual Providers

Please complete this form only if a client can directly schedule an appointment with you – whether you are a solo practitioner or are part of a group practice that allows you to solicit your own clients. Practitioners currently under supervision are also welcome to complete the form.

Organizations/Group Practices

This form is only for governmental departments, organizations, or group practices – both nonprofit and for-profit – that have multiple providers billing under a single Tax ID number