Are you and your team ready to break through traditional and advanced challenges in Integrated Behavioral Health or Primary Care Behavioral Health?

The Breakthrough Series Collaborative is a quarterly meeting of all of our partners, in which we provide updates and collective brainstorming sessions on our new ideas and initiatives.

What to expect:

  1. Clinics will improve quality and services in integrated behavioral health/primary care behavioral.
  2. Establish goals that you can immediately implement to improve integrated behavioral health at your organization.
  3. Participate in a series of learning sessions, action periods, and coaching calls, with measurable outcomes at each step of the way.

Participation In An Informational Session Is Required Prior To Applying. Register For An Informational Session Below:

03/24/2021: 12:30–1:00pm Event Registration Form (

03/31/2021: 12:30–1:00pm Event Registration Form (

04/09/2021: 1:00–1:30pm Event Registration Form (

04/30/2021: 12:00–12:30pm Event Registration Form (

Attended Your Information Session Already? Apply Before June 2021: Breakthrough Series Collaborative Application

For more details or additional information, contact Kara Hill, at