Psychiatric Emergency

In cases of immediate danger call 911. Be sure to tell the operator that it is a “mental health emergency” and ask for emergency responders with Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training. Many first responders will approach a mental health situation differently if they know what to expect.

If you need suicide or mental health-related crisis support or are worried about someone else, please call or text 988.


Go to MHMRA Neuropsychiatric Center
Services: 24 hour emergency psychiatric facility
Address: 1502 Taub Loop Houston, TX 77030


Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) or other low-cost clinics


Gulf Coast Center 
866-729-3848 (Crisis line)


Harris Health Behavioral Health Program
713-566-6509 (eligibility)
713-526-4243 (appointments)


Texana Center

Services: Assessments, Mental Health, Psychiatric Services, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
Address: Offices in Fort Bend County and surrounding communities
800-633-5686 (Mental Health Crisis Hotline)