By Nicole Milton, Training Manager, MHA of Greater Houston

A holistic approach to wellness includes addressing all aspects of yourself (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual).  This approach is often found to yield the best results since it includes all aspects of the person, rather than certain parts. It is like working out and doing exercises that only impact the biceps and triceps. Of course, you are building the muscles and are going to get stronger, however, if the entire body is not exercised the parts can look/feel disjointed from the other parts.  Starting anything new or revamping a routine can feel daunting, so let us provide some tips to help you start or adjust your wellness journey.

I hope you do something great for yourself today and every day. If you are interested in more information and resources about Mental Health, please visit our website at  Happy National Wellness Month!

Peace and Hugs,

Nicole Milton,