Stigma and fear of being bullied or discriminated against are key barriers that keep children and adults from seeking help. Any comprehensive strategy to increase access to mental and behavioral health services needs to factor in the key element of stigma reduction.


  • Your Child’s Emotional Backpack Campaign
    This campaign includes a series of TV and radio public service announcements in English and Spanish in which a diverse group of children and young people share the message about the importance of filling “Your Child’s Emotional Backpack” with the tools, skills, and strategies they need to stay mentally healthy wherever they go.
  • Children’s Mental Health Art Showcase 2018
    The art contest, for children ages 5-14, is a fun, unique way to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and behavioral disorders among students. Visit the contest website to learn how to get your school involved.
  • Children’s Mental Health Award
    Know someone that is doing great things for children’s mental health? Nominate them for our award. Winners will be recognized in May during Children’s Mental Health Week.
  • I Wish My Teacher Knew…
    Help us bring awareness to the many issues that children face by participating in the “I Wish My Teacher Knew…” activity. Learn more at the link above

For more information about the Stigma Reduction Initiative, please contact the Center for School Behavioral Health.



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