The School Behavioral Health Learning Community convenes bimonthly and is comprised of entities involved in the School Behavioral Health CollaborativeContinuous improvement in school systems requires commitment to solving problems and addressing systemic and organizational challenges to see education and children’s behavioral health in a new light. The learning community is intended to build capacity in the community to address and promote the behavioral health of children during their school years.


The School Behavioral Health (SBH) School District Learning Community engages participating school districts in “deep dives” to assess where they are with student behavioral health, learn from local models, share best practices, and set and achieve quality goals for improving the scope and delivery of services in each district.  The Learning Community provides an opportunity for school districts both new to the work of school mental health and those who have long-standing efforts that are looking for new ideas and systems change. The SBH School District Learning Community is open to any public, private, or charter school district member.


Core activities include specialized trainings based on workgroup consensus, periodic virtual and in-person networking opportunities, and opportunities to reflect and self-assess practice and competencies.

For more information or to join the Collaborative, please contact the Center for School Behavioral Health.

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