The School Behavioral Health Collaborative engages school district personnel, behavioral health providers, advocates, education-related and child-serving agencies, parents, and other stakeholders in collaborative efforts to improve the prevention, identification, and treatment of behavioral health (mental health and substance use) issues among school-age children. The initial workgroup convened in 2012 and developed 37 consensus recommendations to improve the healthy psychological development of students, enhance the prevention of behavioral issues, and provide appropriate and timely intervention for students exhibiting behavioral health concerns.

Currently, this initiative convenes in collective action a core group of over 100 organizations including 21 school districts, 4 charter school systems, 5 therapeutic or parochial schools, 17 child-serving organizations and 18 education and advocacy organizations. This core group is using as its common agenda the 37 consensus recommendations that were developed through the MHA of Greater Houston Negotiated Consensus Building process during the school year 2012-2013.

Through collective advocacy efforts, seven legislative recommendations included in the SBHI report have been fully or partially implemented through legislation passed in both the 83rd and the 84th Legislative Sessions.

The Center continues to lead this collective work by increasing the number of school districts and child-serving organizations in the ongoing implementation of these recommendations, as well as increasing the number of recommendations being implemented by each school district and child-serving organization.

For more information or to join the Collaborative, please contact Jamie Freeny, Director, Center for School Behavioral Health at

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