Advocacy and public policy are of paramount importance in realizing changes in the school system, especially in the area of school behavioral health and special education. Advocacy for sensible public policies and the implementation of best practices is a critical element in the Center’s strategy and long-term impact. Advocacy work with policy makers helps inform decisions and promote policies aligned with behavioral health best practices for school-age children. This ongoing process also helps to inform the Center’s agenda for future Texas legislative sessions.


  • Increase/maintain statewide funding for educator training in identifying signs and symptoms of student mental health issues and how to respond appropriately. Provide accountability measures to reinforce the training mandate; extend training reimbursement to include entities outside of LMHMRA’s; expand the menu of reimbursable training to include all programs listed in the Best Practices Registry.
  • Instruct State Board of Education to adopt comprehensive standards in Mental Health Literacy and Social/Emotional Learning for Kindergarten – 12th grade and fund implementation efforts.
  • Provide funding for at least one licensed behavioral health professional at each school campus.


For more information about our advocacy efforts in the 85th Texas State Legislature, please click here to go to our Advocacy Task Force page. 

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