Integrated health care (IHC) – the coordination of primary/physical and behavioral health care – is widely regarded as best practice and as essential to achieving the Triple Aim of patient experience of care, population health and decreased cost. In spite of substantial evidence for the efficacy of integrated health care, significant barriers to its implementation exist. Foremost among these are financing and preparation of providers to practice in IHC settings. Regarding financing, traditional fee-for-service reimbursement is generally not conducive to the provision of team-based care required for IHC. In addition, funding streams for mental health, substance use, and other health issues are rarely integrated. Regarding provider preparation, traditional training programs for both medical and behavioral health professionals do not generally prepare providers to practice as part of a multidisciplinary team.

MHA has launched a major collaborative initiative to develop and work towards implementation of consensus recommendations to improve both financing and provider preparation for IHC in Texas.

To learn more about the initiative, including how to participate, please view the information from the August 13, 2015, kick-off event or contact Alejandra Posada at


August 13, 2015, Kick-Off Event – Making Together  Work: Policy Solutions for Integrating Care


October 2016 – Integrated Health Care Initiative – A Recommendations Report on Financing and Provider Preparation for Integrated Health Care


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