Hoarding Education and Intervention Initiative

Mental Health America (MHA) of Greater Houston is proud to announce the Hoarding Education & Intervention Initiative. Part of this initiative involves a Greater Houston Hoarding Education & Intervention Task Force. Major Disasters (Hurricane Harvey, explosions, etc.) have led to the identification of hoarding tendencies. Hoarding affects 4% of the population, though stigma and lack of knowledge can prevent proper treatment.

Hoarding Task Force

 Part of this initiative involves a Greater Houston Hoarding Education & Intervention Task Force. We invite you, your organization, or anyone that is interested to join! Please forward this opportunity to others and join us!

The purpose of the task force is to:

  • Provide intervention practices and reduce stigma around the condition
  • Develop strategies to support folks
  • Create a plan of action for ongoing education.

We’re looking for: 20+ organizations from across different services areas (behavioral health, disaster relief, city/county offices, etc.) to serve on the task force to help drive solutions for the community.

Disaster Response Safety Training Videos

Often times, it is not a mental health professional that discovers hoarding in a home, but volunteers, contractors, and service providers who go to homes. If your role requires that you visit homes, please take a look at these videos that can help identify and refer to hoarding issues. For disaster relief organizations, we encourage you to provide these videos to all volunteers that will go into homes to be better equipped.

Video #1- Overview of Trauma and the Survivor Perspective

Video #2- Safety Basics for Disaster Survivor-Facing Staff

Video #3- Recommendations for an Initial Approach

Video #4- Warm Handoff: Additional Helpful Resources

Video #5- Taking Care of Yourself