Your Child's Emotional Backpack

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About Your Child’s Emotional Backpack


Children carry a backpack almost everywhere they go—to school, afterschool programs and to camps, on sleepovers or on visits with family or friends, and when they travel on foot, in a car, on a bus, train or plane. Most never go anywhere without it.

If you look into a child’s backpack, you may find school supplies, snacks clothing, toys, a phone, an electronic device and other items that help them to feel secure or prepared to handle situations.

While those things are important to include in a child’s physical backpack, it is equally important to fill Your Child’s Emotional Backpack with information, ideas, words, thoughts and other self-care tools that will help them to build and support a solid foundation for their emotional wellness and mental health.

According to a National Institute of Mental Health statistic, half of all lifetime cases of mental illness emerge before a child’s 14th birthday.

The “Your Child’s Emotional Backpack,” campaign will help to create an awareness of mental health facts, issues and local resources. It will help parents, kids and those who work in child and family support roles and environments understand can help everyone stay healthy and well.

If there is a cause for concern, everyone can know how and where to find help.


 *Materials were created or identified as resources by a team of experts in behavoral health, in consultation with the Children’s Mental Health Public Awareness Committee at
Mental Health America of Greater Houston.