2017 Center for School Behavioral Health Conference



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Did you know that two out of three school children have been exposed to a traumatic event? Did you know that 50% of lifetime cases of mental illness develop by the age of 14, or that 71% of youth referred to Harris County Juvenile Probation have a diagnosable mental illness? Sadly, many children in our community are not receiving appropriate nurturing and guidance to help them develop healthy social skills and emotional regulation.  Sometimes, behavior is a mask for what’s really going on with a student.  But how do you know what’s underneath, and what do you do?

This one-day conference, Why Do Students Act This Way and What Can I do About It?, will engage education and social services professionals, as well as parents and advocates, in conversations focused on three tracks: restorative practices, social and emotional learning, and trauma.

The conference will focus on classroom perspectives and participants will receive ready-to-use strategies from expert speakers. Participants can choose from among 24 breakout sessions, hear from two nationally-recognized keynote speakers, and engage in and learn various strategies for personal well-being.  Also included:  an exhibition featuring community organizations, behavioral health providers and other key stakeholders. 

Breakfast and lunch is included, and 6 CEUs are available to teachers, administrators, social workers, counselors, LSSPs, LPCs, and nurses. Registration is $45.

For more information, contact Betsy Blanks at (713) 523-8963 x 231 or bblanks@mhahouston.org.


Morning Keynote: Michele Borba, Ed.D

Author of Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World

Afternoon Keynote: Ed Dunkelblau, Ph.D

Director of The Institute for Emotionally Intelligent Learning

Sponsored by:
BridgeUp at Menninger



Title of Presentation



Keeping Kids in School: Effective Intervention for Discipline Challenged Students

Restorative Practices

Charles Rotramel

Infusing Restorative Practices into a Campus Culture

Restorative Practices

Bryan Reed, Emily Ries & Anita Wadwa

Building Deeper Partnerships for Greater Impact

Restorative Practices

Marcus Ceniceros

The Impact of Restorative Justice Practices within a Trauma Informed System of Care

Restorative Practices

Tracy Abbott, Jamie Edwards & Linda Kagey

What Pushes Your Buttons? Understanding Your Triggers.

Restorative Practices

Megan Marcus

Using Mindfulness as a Restorative Practice in the Classroom

Restorative Practices

Ann Friedman, Ph.D.

Conflict Resolution - Practical Tools for Educators

Restorative Practices

David Head

The Home-School Connection: Working Together to Create Better Opportunities fro Students

Social Emotional Learning

Gayle Y. Fisher

Risky Behavior and the Teenage Brain: An Accelerator without a Brake

Social Emotional Learning

Crystal Collier

Humble ISD's The Great 8: A Whole Child Approach to Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning

Lesa Pritchard & Matt Smith

Can Rescued Dogs Teach Empathy?

Social Emotional Learning

Joy Southard

Emotion Coaching in the Classroom: How to stay on track through an unplanned audible

Social Emotional Learning

Stephan Simmons & Ritasha Kari Taylor

The Power of Play therapy!

Social Emotional Learning

Casey Casteel

Developing a Therapeutic Classroom: An Integrated Social-Emotional Perspective for the School Day

Social Emotional Learning

Alane Atchley, M.S., LMFT, LCDC & Amanda Lawrence

Nurturing Classrooms: Teaching Students Social and Emotional Skills

Social Emotional Learning

Joy Davis & Amanda Siroosian

Mindful and OHMazing Strategies for Students and Teachers

Social Emotional Learning

Beth Reese, PhD, E-RYT, RCYT

Implementing Social Emotional Learning to Meet the Needs of Houston's Kids

Social Emotional Learning

Linda Civallero & Michael Webb

I Can Make a Difference: Strategies for helping our most challenging kids become successful


Arnold Valdez

Addressing the Needs of LGBTQ Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma


Megan Mooney

Understanding and Supporting Grieving Students


Lori Bokone

Human Trafficking: The affects of trauma in youth


Jenna Cooper, LMSW

Addressing Trauma in Immigrant and Refugee Students in the 2017 Landscape


Sarah Howell

Collateral Beauty: The Benefits of Trauma Informed Art Therapy 


Tracy Abbott & Jamie Edwards

Organizer :

The Center for School Behavioral Health at Mental Health America of Greater Houston
and Region 4 ESC.  Generously supported by Houston Endowment.

For more information or questions, please contact:
   *  Betsy Blanks at bblanks@mhahouston.org or 713.523.8963 x 231


Fri, Oct. 13, 2017
8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
(GMT-0600) US/Central


Region 4 ESC
7145 West Tidwell
Houston, TX 77092


Conference Cost:


Who Should Attend
Professionals, parents interested in improving student behavioral health, teachers, coaches, principals, assistant principals, district administrators, nurses, counselors, school social workers, LSSPs, and more.

Credits Available:
(5.5) Contact Hours, (5.5) CPE, (5.5) TSBEP